St. James Catholic High School Students Raising Awareness and Funds for Girls’ Education in Ghana

A group of St. James Catholic High School students are raising awareness and funds for girls’ education in Ghana.

‘Fempowerment’ is a non-profit youth group located in Guelph, consisting of girls aged from 15-17 who hope to influence positive change in our society. The group of six St. James students were passionate about social advocacy and creating a lasting change in various parts of the world.

“We all came together to form Fempowerment for two reasons; to motivate people our age to take action, and to help less fortunate communities in the world. We believe that with the right mindset, and a lot of hard work, we can help change the world,” shared Kaya Bartlewski, one of the members of Fempowerment.

Empowering communities through education, the group connected with Create Change, a Vancouver based charity, to raise awareness and money for girls’ education in Ghana.

“We wanted to make our community realize how fortunate we are, while also helping girls living in poverty to climb out of that situation and build a new future for themselves. Through these actions, we also are aiming to motivate youth in our community to stand up and fight for a cause that is significant to them.,” she said.

Over the last few months the group has conducted a number of fundraising initiatives including during St. James ‘civvies day’, hosting a raffle, and most recently launched a GoFundMe. To date, the group has raised upwards of $2300 for the cause.

Fempowerment will continue to raise funds over the summer, to follow along with their GoFundMe please visit: