Ministry of Education: Updated Quarantine Requirements for Unvaccinated Children Traveling Internationally

The Ministry of Education recently completed updates to the  COVID-19 school and child care screening tool to provide further clarification on the federal government’s return to school requirements for students who are returning from international travel. This information is important for any staff or families considering international travel in the future, including during Christmas Break. 

Through this update, the Ministry has indicated that while unvaccinated children under the age of 12 are exempt from federal quarantine if they travelled with a fully vaccinated companion, they may not attend school or child care for 14 days upon their return. Individuals with all other quarantine exemptions (e.g., travelling for cross-border custody arrangements; travelling for medical treatment) may continue to attend school or child care.

These are provincial requirements included in the COVID-19 school and child care screening tool that we have been asked to share on behalf of the Ministry of Education.