Creating a sense of belonging and connections for students is critical in distance learning and a greater challenge compared to connecting in-person.  Students learn best when they know that the educators supporting them, knows them, cares about them, and are there for them. As such, teachers and other educational staff will provide 1:1 check-ins and connect with students and families to provide support, answer questions, and to continue to develop that ever-important educator-student relationship.  Educators will also build relationships and community in our schools through synchronous class activities, including a continuing emphasis on the Umbrella Project Skills.  For more information on supporting your child’s Mental Health and Well Being, please refer to our  Mental Health and Well Being at WCDSB link. 


Children who have IEPs or are English Language Learners will continue to be supported and your child’s home school Special Education and ESL staff will work with Wellington Catholic Virtual School staff to create or update IEPs and individualized learning plans for students requiring support.  Social work support will also be provided via your child’s home school.