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Exemption from Synchronous Learning

The Ministry of Education has released Policy Program Memorandum 164, which provides specific guidelines for the implementation of Distance Learning (Remote Learning) in Ontario schools.
The Wellington Catholic District School Board recognizes that there are unique situations which may prompt parents/guardians to request an exemption from synchronous learning for their child. Exemptions to synchronous learning may be necessary to accommodate some individuals under Ontario’s Human Rights Code. No one should experience harassment or other discriminatory treatment based on a Code ground because they are unable to engage in synchronous or blended learning. To support meaningful access to education, alternative learning approaches will be put in place for exempted students – for example, correspondence, print, or broadcast media instruction that is based on the individual student's needs and circumstances.
Students over 18, and parents/guardians of students under the age of 18, or students who are 16 or 17 years of age but have withdrawn from parental control, should complete the “Exemption from Synchronous Learning Form” with the school administrator
  • Synchronous learning involves using text, video, or voice communication in a way that enables educators and other members of the school- or board-based team to instruct and connect with students in real time.
  • Asynchronous learning may involve students watching pre-recorded video lessons, completing assigned tasks, or contributing to online discussion boards.
These guidelines will be in effect as schools reopen in September. For students in grades K-12, students will be engaged in synchronous learning, unless an exemption or partial exemption has been requested. Division Grade Level of Students Daily Minimum Synchronous Learning Time Requirement*
Grade Minimum Synchronous Learning Time Requirement
Elementary Kindergarten 180 minutes
Grades 1 to 3 225 minutes
Grades 4 to 8 225 minutes
Exemption requests will be considered based on one of the following categories:
  1. Medical reasons, including sensory, vision, and other visible and invisible disabilities that impede the ability to engage in synchronous learning
  2. Developmental reasons, including cognitive conditions and other special education needs that may be accommodated through other strategies
  3. Other Code-based reasons, including mental health, trauma, religion/creed, family status, etc
In order to request an exemption, please speak to your classroom teacher about your request and this will then come forward to the school principal for review.